How to use GIFKR 2: The basics

First off: What is GIFKR and how do I run it?

GIFKR is a program that lets you customize, keyframe, and apply filters to images, GIFs, and videos, mainly tailored to the glitch art community. If you know a little code you can create your own filters too. To run it:

  1. Install Java
  2. Download GIFKR and launch it

How do I use it?

The simplest way to use the GIFKR is to drop, filter, and save a still image:

Drag the image/video/GIF that you’d like to filter directly onto the program.DecentTightErmineSelect your filter and adjust your settingsAdorableTartAldabratortoise.gifSave your image


The same process can be used with animated content:

It is also possible to keyframe image filters

This can be done for both animated and still source images.

  1. Click the “animate” checkbox
  2. Select your filter, and unlock the variable(s) that you would like to animate
  3. Click the button and draw a graph of how you would like it to change over time

This process sounds complicated but to prove it is not, here’s the entire thing being done in less than 15 seconds:bestshorttermaegeancat

Hopefully this has helped you if you got stuck. I’ll be providing more advanced guides here in the near future.

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