Channel Sorting

So by now there’s a decent chance you’ve seen art involving pixel sorting:

Pixel sorting is a very simple image manipulation technique where you compare every pixel in an image to the one adjacent to it, and if they are within a given tolerance, make the second pixel the same color as the first. It is worth noting that the algorithm doesn’t actually involve any sorting, though there are variations of it that do. Here’s a GIF of me being pixel sorted and increasing the tolerance on each frame:


Neat right? Well I thought to myself, pixels can be separated int red, green, and blue components, what would happen if I pixel sorted them in different directions? This is what I call channel sorting. And it also makes some cool stuff happen:

In this case red is sorted right, green left, and blue down.

So how did I make these cool GIFs? I’m using a program called GIFKR, but it’s not quite finished yet. It’ll be ready soon™, so follow this blog or my twitter to be one of the first people to try it out. It also can do crazy stuff like this:




So yeah it supports GIFs, changing the angle and value of the filter over time, and includes some cool custom filters.

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