Test posts

Every blog has to have one, and in honor of Cosmo Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables, I felt I should make a test post about test posts. Also to make sure any readers know the importance of the topics that I will be discussing in the future, and how I plan to fill them with only the most interesting and succinct commentary possible.

Famously, the r/pics subreddit debuted with what was for a long time the top post on reddit. It has since been dethroned by a picture of a kid holding a banana and a Nazi Swastika, among other things. This is the purpose of the test post though, they aren’t meant to sit on a throne. They are meant to be forgotten, and sit there until someone gets curious about the now famous site’s humble beginnings. (Or more likely the unsuccessful blogger is looking back at their old posts desperately trying to figure out what went wrong, and why nobody ever cared about it). Regardless, test posts have a purpose of making sure everything is working right, and that the vision the creator had in mind is close enough to how the post appears on the page. Occasionally, some break the stereotype and achieve greatness. There isn’t a rule that test posts have to be full of Lorem ipsum dolor shit. They don’t have to contain only gibberish or otherwise worthless text. They can even serve as symbols of rebellion and community like the r/pics one. This test post however, is perfectly content being a boring piece of text that nobody should waste their time reading.



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  3. Curtis Lepore

    Hi there Caleb, this is a really deep, insightful test post. The ending is a certainly a twist that had me oozing my pleasure juices in delight. Also, your comment about Comcast really sang true for me, as the global Zionist conspiracy that Comcast is at the forefront of is heavily affiliated with all that goes wrong in this world, from Ted Cruz’s santorum-leaking mouth to the Yiddish speaking oligarchy that runs our lives with biogenetical chemtrail sprays that undo our lobo-cortexes. But I have to disagree with your comment about the kid holding the banana because it fucking pissed me off, you inbred spunk-slurping unscrupulous rodent-infested patch of poontang hair. I bet you’re the kind of asshole who would defend Curtis Lepore in court.


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